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Your Firm’s Role in Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Media CommentaryFeatured

Diversity and inclusion is a timely topic in the legal industry and in the media. In an often-cited 2016 article in the Atlantic, Adrienne LaFrance performed a scientific analysis of the list of the people she had quoted in her articles in the course of a year. She found, to her consternation, that like many other journalists, she had predominantly quoted men – in her case, about 75 percent of the time. She reflected, I’m not excluding women on purpose, but I can’t say it’s an accident, either. Reporters choose whom to interview. We carefully parcel out our time as we work toward deadlines. I spent several weeks working on this story about self-driving cars, for instance, and it occurred to me as I was reporting that I hadn’t interviewed any women. LaFrance had done the same type of analysis of her work in 2013, and it turned out that three years later, she hadn’t…

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