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Why Marketing and PR Need to Collaborate

There are time-honored ways of telling a law firm’s story – conferences, one-to-one meetings, networking – and of course social media can amplify all of these efforts. They are all worth trying. But thoughtful deployment of a public relations strategy can reach more people, more quickly, and with more focus than anything else. Public relations has long been undervalued as a tool to get a law firm’s message out to current and potential clients and more broadly to the public. By way of example, let’s say your law firm is opening a new practice that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). You could develop a conference on AI or become a sponsor of someone else’s conference. You could use your CRM system or go to LinkedIn to build a list of people who are AI innovators or whose companies using AI. You could post on LinkedIn or set up a series…

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Seven Elements to an Effective PR Plan

Good public relations work, in law or in any other industry, is not the same as committing random acts of publicity. If you were trying to improve your health, you would set goals for yourself (weight loss, blood pressure reduction, etc.), then figure out your tactics (exercise on a regular basis, diet, medicines), then set metrics that mark your progress (lose 15 pounds in two months). In a similar way, your PR work will be most effective if you set forth a public relations plan before you make your first phone call to a reporter or write your first blog post. In addition to focusing your work in a specific direction and increasing your chances of success, having a written PR plan will help convince your clients or your supervisors that you have thought through the firm’s problems and are spending its time and money purposefully in order to increase…

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