About The Legal PR Blog

The Legal PR Blog provides insights and analysis focusing on the public relations and marketing community serving the legal industry. Curated by Cheryl Bame, principal of Bame Public Relations (www.BamePR.com), the blog focuses on topics impacting public relations professionals. The themes explored include: developing smart PR strategies, improving media relations, creating and managing website content, best practices in social media, broadcasting content via social media platforms, working with traditional media and maximizing client relations. The purpose of the blog is to educate, inspire and even entertain.


About Cheryl Bame

A communications professional with enviable contacts and reach, Cheryl Bame is widely recognized for her innovative work with law firms, professional services firms, financial institutions, real estate companies and industry trade groups. After a decade in the broadcast news business, Cheryl has spent the last 15 years leadingcommunications programs that involve media relations, social media, networking and speaking engagements and a wide-range ofother professional reputations strategies. In 2015, Cheryl was asked by the International Board of Directors of the Legal Marketing Association to launch the firms Public Relations Special Interest Group to advance the public relations profession for the legal industry. A frequent speaker and, obviously blogger, Cheryl has a passion for her craft and her clients’ successes.