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Words to Write By: Practice Group Descriptions

No one ever hired a law firm solely because of the practice group description, but a poor description can drive a prospective client away. That was the focus of a recent writing webinar hosted by the Legal Marketing Association’s PR SIG and led by John Byrne, an experienced law firm marketing professional at Glencoe Media Group, Inc. John emphasized that excellent practice group descriptions are not lead generators but another key point of contact between a law firm and a prospective client who may already knows about the firm. Accordingly, before sitting down to write, it is important to think about: Who is the audience for these words going to be? Will it be a group of in-house lawyers, or possibly a set of non-lawyers? And then write accordingly. John encouraged professionals to interview attorneys before starting the writing process. Ask them why they think clients hire them. All this…

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Would You Draft a Legal Brief as Poorly as You Write a Blog Post?

Since blogs are so valuable, it makes no logical sense for lawyers to author them so sloppily. Blogs are an indispensable tool for any professional who wants to demonstrate it is a leading expert in a particular subject matter. In principle, there is no better method than a blog for getting your message out in an easily accessible forum that you can control, and do so in a timely, straightforward and client-friendly manner. Yet, I continue to see poorly written posts that offer no value to clients or news reporters who are working on articles or matters related to those topics. And, rushing through a post just to write one fails to accomplish the fundamental goal of a blog: demonstrating a firm’s or a lawyer’s expertise to a client. Here are a six tips to making your blog post meaningful to its intended audience and distinguishing it, in a good way,…

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If You Can Get The Content for Free, Why Pay For It?

If you can get the content for free, why pay for it? At least this is the underlying sentiment coming out of a number of industry publications that have changed their policies towards publishing blog posts and client alerts. Just this week another industry trade rejected our client’s content because it longer publishes such posts and now considers all blog posts and client alerts as previously “published” material. Many trade publications are adopting similar policies and are subscription based with content located behind a paywall accessible only to subscribed members who have an account and a password. We discussed the growing shift away from publishing blog content with a few industry editors. Bottom line: when content is published in a blog post or in a client alert and is available for free, it diminishes the value of that content for the trade publication’s paid subscribers. With advertising revenues dwindling, more…

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