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Your News Junk is Clogging the Drain

Do you wonder why a reporter is not getting back to you about a great story you pitched? It’s probably because the news system is clogged with so much junk that your timely, reputable story or source can’t get through. An editor of a real estate trade journal recently said the volume of email is so tremendous, his staff does not have the time to respond to everything that is sent. “The number of press releases, etc. that most of us get is so high that trying to reply to them all is simply unfeasible. I certainly don’t mean to excuse all of our failure to respond – you, I know, are particularly good about sending along helpful sources, pitches, etc. – but in terms of mass PR blasts, sometimes we only manage to reply when it’s something we’re interested in pursuing.” And, she said that despite the ongoing education about…

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