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The New Shade of Public Relations: Content Marketing

Every year, Pantone Inc. a New Jersey-based company that is known for its influential color matching system, announces its “Color of the Year.” Although Pantone is technically just a system for standardizing colors across every medium, the annual selection of the “Color of the Year” is known to influence fashion and decorating decisions for years after it is made. For 2016, Pantone did something unprecedented and chose not a single color but a mixture of colors: a combination of Rose Quartz (a pink) and Serenity (a blue) that it says “challenges traditional perceptions of color association.” If I had to choose a “PR Word of the Year” for 2016, I would also pick a blend to challenge the perceptions of what PR is perceived to be: I would choose “Content Marketing.” Like the color combination, this is a high-value concept that challenges traditional perceptions. We usually think of content as…

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