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The Long-Term Benefits of Investing in Relationships

It is not worth debating who benefits more by having a good working relationship with reporters when you are a PR professional. But there is no doubt there are benefits to both sides. Reporters learn who to rely on, as does the PR professional.

Earlier this year I had an opportunity to offer an exclusive story, a story that I knew would “blow up” or “go viral” based on global fame of the defendant and the plaintiff. It was essential to manage the story and the clients’ expectations and figuring out which media outlet to offer the exclusive was as an important as crafting the message.

Over the years I have developed a strong relationship with a particular reporter in Los Angeles who I know, like and trust. The added benefit is he is at a media outlet that is widely regarded as one of the top news outlets in the world. It was only natural that I would give him the first opportunity at the story. Just as I trust him, he takes my calls because he trusts me. The relationship we have developed creates that win-win.

Like in all business relationships there is a give and take; the same holds true in media relationship. Reporters who fail to cultivate relationships don’t even know about all of the opportunities they are missing out on. Take the time to invest in relationships in all forms. It takes time, but the payoff is always worth it.