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Holding Law Firms Hostage with Sponsored Content

Plenty of legal publications like to write profiles of in-house corporate general counsels. Editors and publishers know their readers are interested in finding out what it’s like to guide the legal function of a major company like Google or General Motors. And GC’s of smaller companies are interesting because of the diverse nature of their work and they often have interesting and unusual backgrounds and experiences. For corporate PR professionals these outlets can be excellent opportunities to showcase their top in-house talent. However, some publications have emerged that appear to be unbiased news outlets but function more as “sponsored content” or “custom publishing.” That means they are essentially advertising material just as a company would produce a glossy brochure highlighting a new product or service. Vanguard magazine, recently founded by TrueLine Publishing Co. appeals to its clients with the tagline “Your Story, Here.” On its blog, it describes itself as being “dedicated exclusively to the…

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Blogs Are Not Law Review Articles

Last year on this blog we highlighted the comments from several experts on best practices in writing for a blog. We are reminded often by blog advocates that the platform is an essential tool lawyers use to communicate with their audiences, show their skills and expertise, and to become thought leaders. It’s an opportunity that law firms should take full advantage of. Kristi Dosh, a sports business analyst who blogs as The SportsBizMiss, said it is crucial for lawyers not to use legalese but to write so that you can be understood by a broader audience. Jacqueline Madarang, a senior manager for digital marketing communications and marketing technology who’s now at the D.C. office of the Bradley law firm, said she created a writing workshop at her firm so that legal bloggers there can understand expectations about what a blog should deliver. These two, and the other panelists, also noted that blog items are vastly…

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Is PR Ready for AI?

There’s no question that artificial intelligence (AI) is a “New Big Thing,” one of the innovations that is already changing the business world and will change it more and more as the decade goes on. A basic definition of artificial intelligence is “the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.” That is a broad definition. According to that definition, the GPS system in your phone, since it accepts information from you, processes it and guides you to your destination, is an example of AI, and that’s technically true. But as the term is used today, AI generally refers to more sophisticated systems that are capable of learning, reasoning, and improving their own performance over a period of time. Artificial intelligence has begun to penetrate the worlds of law and legal marketing. The January/February issue of Strategies, the official magazine of the Legal Marketing Association, is devoted to…

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Love your Bio: It’s Your best PR Tool

Your bio is your Valentine. You may not realize it but it is your best PR tool that if updated regularly, can show you love all year long. Clients often say it is the first way (after a recommendation has been made) for your qualifications and accomplishments to become known to that prospective client. The same holds true when a member of the press, or the public wants to know more about you. Studies show that attorney bios are the best-read portion of any law firm website, generating more than 50 percent of all page views on those sites. Now that is love. The bio is the place where every lawyer can become noticed. Think about it for a moment; in 1994, when there were essentially no law firm websites, lawyers relied on printed books that only were updated once a year (or a CD-ROM) in the form of static…

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