Why Marketing and PR Need to Collaborate

There are time-honored ways of telling a law firm’s story – conferences, one-to-one meetings, networking – and of course social media can amplify all of these efforts. They are all worth trying. But thoughtful deployment of a public relations strategy can reach more people, more quickly, and with more focus than anything else. Public relations has long been undervalued as a tool to get a law firm’s message out to current and potential clients and more broadly to the public. By way of example, let’s say your law firm is opening a new practice that focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). You could develop a conference on AI or become a sponsor of someone else’s conference. You could use your CRM system or go to LinkedIn to build a list of people who are AI innovators or whose companies using AI. You could post on LinkedIn or set up a series…

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Social Media, Video, Visual Storytelling

LinkedIn’s Live is Perfect Platform for Law Firms

LinkedIn’s just announced the launch of LinkedIn Live, a new service allowing its 600 million users to live-stream video content on the social network. Right now, the use of it is by invitation only, but soon the company will be rolling out broad availability. LinkedIn anticipates that the user-made videos will involve content such as Q&As, events, conferences, earnings calls, awards ceremonies, product announcements, and more. The successful use of video by law firms and lawyers will be a massive differentiator in a very competitive marketplace. Law firms compete for their client’s attention with newsletters and alerts, but more and more clients get important information via video, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as CLE platforms. While these other outlets already offer video capabilities, LinkedIn has the deserved reputation of being for business, not just for amusement. The other platforms appeal to all audiences, where LinkedIn’s business focus stands out. For…

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