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Why the Turtle Never Wins the Race

There are many times when your law firm is competing to tell the same big story for a shared client. And when that happens, being first to execute on a smart publicity campaignwill get you the desired outcome with the media. It is a simple fact: Journalists to turn to the first law firm that contacts them, and makes their attorneys available, when they need a comment for their story. This just occurred connection in major appellate case. Four major law firms, and two smaller ones, all participated in defeating a billion-dollar antitrust case on behalf of leading magazine publishers and distributors. A unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2ndCircuit upheld summary judgment for all the defendants. As Jenna Greene of ALM just explained in an interesting article,   it was New York’s Cravath, Swaine & Moore, a firm not known for being especially quick to toot…

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Developing Law Firm Content like a Hollywood Script

“Law is a talent business, like Hollywood,” said Brian Kiefer, Director of Communications at Seyfarth Shaw LLP, speaking at a webinar June 19 sponsored by the Legal Marketing Association’s Public Relations Shared Interest Group (SIG). In the webinar, titled “Building Blockbuster Content into a Thought Leadership Franchise,” Kiefer focused on Seyfarth Shaw’s annual Workplace Class Action Report, now in its 15th year, that has become indispensable for class action defense lawyers. Kiefer continued the analogy to the entertainment industry throughout the webinar. “There are so many parallels between what we do as marketing and PR people to bring content into the marketplace and what Hollywood does,” he said. “Our first step is to align talent with content, like casting a film. It’s important to cast the right lead. The lawyer who is to be the face of the franchise can either be a highly experienced attorney or a relative unknown…

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You’re Invited to Promote This

At the Legal Marketing Association conference in New Orleans in early April, the PR Pre Conference hosted a panel, “You’re Invited to Promote This.” The discussion centered on how law firms can generate their own PR from events they host or produce. Moderated by Elizabeth Lampert, president of Elizabeth Lampert PR, Carrie Brunelle from Baretz + Brunelle; Royal Simpkins, director of branding and communication at Bryan Cave LLP; and Anne Gallagher, director of global communications at Jenner & Block LLP shared their experiences with event PR. The speakers pointed out that just like most PR matters, this type of promotion is far from an exact science. A firm can spend a good deal of money and time promoting an event or a theme and can gain a commitment from a reporter – but the reporter might fail to show up or to pursue the lead because of factors that are out…

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Sing Your Praises (to Me!)

As a legal PR professional, like any other professional, I want to do my job as well as I can. But, I can’t do it without the help of my clients. We want to be able to showcase all of the great things that our lawyer clients are doing and to make them look as good as possible, as often as possible. And can’t do much of anything to help them succeed unless we know what they’ve been doing, what cases they’ve been pursuing and what victories they’ve had. So, during this season of gratitude and giving, please keep us in the loop and share some love with us. It’s like the themes of so many songs: You and I must make a pact. Let’s stay together. We know that you’re taking care of business and feeling those good vibrations every day. We fully appreciate that you work hard for…

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