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The Real Reason Partners Leave Law Firms

This interesting article written by Roy Strom for Bloomberg Big Law Business this month points to some provocative suggestions from law firm leaders as to why partners or groups of attorneys leave large firms, often at their firm’s request, and move laterally to other firms. A key question is what the firms should tell the press, which is interested in the reasons behind any departure in what Strom calls Big Law’s Free Agent Era. Strom says that a common response from law firm managing partners these days to requests for comment is that lawyers move on because they’ve been told that they’re no longer part of their firm’s strategic plan. He says that’s a fairly new idea in the law firm world that firms develop strategic plans and execute on them to the extent that they let groups of partners go if they don’t fit the plan. I don’t necessarily disagree with this type of…

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Simplifying the Complicated News Release

There has been a lot of discussion among public relations professionals about the value of a press release. I don’t think the concept of a press release is “dead” especially went it comes to a complicated issue such as a court filing or a motion to dismiss. In these instances, the news release is very much alive but the dilemma on how to explain a complicated issue is real. It brings into opposition two essential objectives of communication that are extremely relevant in our efforts to reach out to the media and gain coverage: clarity and accuracy. It is possible to communicate effectively with the media and achieve our PR objectives without dumbing down the press release or making key details confusing. Here are five good rules for doing this. Take time to understand the details. You will write a much better press release if you fully understand what it’s about….

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